Ikramini presents the ordinary catwalk shows in theatrical plays


A single thread in a tapestry
though its colour brightly shines,
can never see its purpose
in the pattern of the ground design
(prince of Egypt)

Ikramini has been inspired and amused by colours since her early childhood. Her dream was to own her own design line, to show the world her unique creations.
After years of passional & dedicated work, she has fulfilled her dream. Art has no limits, so are Ikramini´s ambitions.

Ikramini’s colorful and vibrant garments made her way like sunrays to shine in theatrical fashion shows pioneering in this field as a story-teller, fashion designer, & cultures weaver; meaning merging east & west, north & south where the big world becomes as small as a theatre stage.

Ikramini’s new vision is to get her stories told worldwide, and what is bigger than the big screen?
To achieve that, we need to reach out for those who think outside the box as Ikramini’s stories are radical, controversial, & have a twist that can change life, the way we know it.

Ikramini says: “Lately I started to feel that tales and stories are dictated into my mind that, I only need to have a means of writing, or typing to get them done!”

Let us know if you dare to risk your comfort zone.

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